Don’t Let Data Performance Ruin Your Day

When you get to the office each morning are you A) greeted with a cup of coffee and a smile, or B) entering the den of misery where your HR, IT and help desk teams are cranky, and your email is bombarded by user complaints? If option B sounds familiar, you’re probably suffering from a data performance affliction.
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We are 24/7 Database Nerds, Here to Save the Day

Database Health Check

Health Check

This comprehensive evaluation identifies issues that impede your database performance to determine what needs to be fixed and how to future-proof your systems.
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Database Remote Management

Remote Management

This is your database insurance policy. We provide full protection database administration coverage with remote support for Microsoft SQL, Sybase SAP/ASE, Sybase IQ, and MySQL.
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Database Consulting

Database Consulting

From performance and tuning to developing business intelligence solutions, our expert DBAs analyze, recommend and implement solutions to solve your most complex database needs.
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Success Story
Database Optimization
Saves Big Bucks

When 3,000 customer service representatives wait 30 minutes to download their schedules every day, there is a big problem. For this retail company, not only did man hours and frustration levels rise, but costs to the company significantly increased, affecting nearly every department along the way.

When it simply got to be too much, they called us! After analyzing their databases, we created solutions that reduced their download time to under two minutes. This saved 28 minutes each day for every customer service representative in the organization, totaling more than 1,500 hours in additional available resources. At $30 an hour per rep, this change in their database system saved the company an average of $45,000 a day! Now that’s the power of a well-optimized database system.

Flight Database Software

Our Proprietary Flight Software

It’s no secret that the hundreds or thousands of email alerts generated by your database each day get ignored until your customers begin calling to complain. We knew there had to be a better way. After more than four years of research and development, we built Flight, the world’s first IT support software for remote database management.

This proprietary software automates the traditional alert response, notifying you only when there’s a problem that needs to be fixed. With Flight, you can rest easy knowing your systems are working and your customers and employees aren’t having problems accessing the information they need when they need it.
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