When to Upgrade Hardware and Software

How to Know When to Upgrade Hardware and Software

Have you ever been on a productive roll at work, typing away like a maniac and getting things done, only to get that awful circle of death? You know, that little circle your computer does when it’s “thinking” or “storing” information, preventing you from continuing to type? If it happens frequently, it might be time […]

Why Are Your Systems Running So Slowly

Why Are Your Systems Running So Slowly?

How wonderful it is to purchase new computers and have everything pop up immediately, isn’t it? But then work gets in the way, and the more documents you save and the more programs you install, your system starts to stall. Sometimes, it’s just a little bit obnoxious; but other times, it’s slow enough to make […]

Managed database Security Services

How Having Managed Security Services Can Save Your Business

Imagine that you’re busily working at your office, feeling productive and excited that you’ll get to bill clients for all the work that you’re getting done. Suddenly, your receptionist comes in, looking embarrassed. “So I opened this email attachment, and all of the documents on my computer disappeared.”   If you own a small company, […]

Database Recovery Plan Implementation

How to Implement an Effective Database Recovery Plan

When most people think about cybersecurity, the usual things that come to mind tend to be hackers, computer viruses, and panic inducing trends, such as Ransomware. And while these are serious threats, it’s also important to remember that there are other types of serious issues that can be prevented by simply implementing a database recovery […]

computer data code assessment

Why Other People’s SQL Code Stinks

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 22 of Jeffrey Garbus’ book Transact SQL which can be purchased here.  SQL Code reviews, are much like changing accountants!  HUH?  Have you ever changed accountants? The first thing the new accountant does is explain to you, in detail, how stupid your previous accountant was, how much the old […]

Ransomware protection

6 Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data from a Ransomware Attack

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Home Business Magazine Online, a community information sharing site for home-based entrepreneurs and business owners. Ransomware attacks can quickly cripple a business and the problem appears to be growing, as evidenced recently when the U.S. government issued a warning about Bad Rabbit, a ransomware attack that spread through Russia, Ukraine, […]

Why Are Cyber Security Breaches So Common

Why Are Cyber Security Breaches So Common?

Once upon a time, hearing or reading about a cybersecurity breach would be scandalous. How could American Express put clients in such a vulnerable position? Today, it’s common to read about such news regularly. It’s happened to Anthem, Target, Yahoo, JP Morgan, Equifax, eBay, The Home Depot, LinkedIn, Sony, Dropbox…. Chances are your own information […]