High Volume Traffic

High Volume Traffic – Bad Things Happen to Great Companies

In the news yesterday, everyone was talking about Amazon’s poor performing website after high volume traffic came onto the site in a deluge to shop for the Prime Day deals. Soaring Eagle Database Consultants are published authors on Amazon, this is something near and dear to us! Many customers couldn’t complete their searches or couldn’t […]

Black Friday Database Surge Traffic Planning

Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Volume?

Can Your Systems Handle A Huge Surge in Traffic? Are you sure your systems are ready for an onslaught of clients on Black Friday? Are your websites, calling centers and your computer systems up to the task should suddenly your transaction and user login rates sky rocket? You don’t want to spend a lot of […]

general data protection regulation GDPR

How To Manage Data Breaches Under GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the framework that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of European Union citizens.  It is now in full force. However, some reports state that up to 60 percent of businesses are still not prepared to comply, mostly because of challenges understanding data privacy and how […]

Database Performance & Tuning

What You Don’t Know About Your Data Can Hurt You

The following blog is based on the podcast interview of Jeff Garbus, hosted by HC Biz during the Health IT Expo, which took place in New Orleans from May 30th, 2018 through June 1, 2018. Listen to the full interview here. In this day and age, data is everything. Trade secrets, legal pleadings, tax returns, […]

network segmentation consultants

How Network Segmentation Improves Security

Although network segmentation hasn’t always been the most popular strategy, it is an effective and powerful deterrent for hackers. It is now being deployed as part of a defense-in-depth approach and a fundamental component of cybersecurity. Let’s take a look at what network segmentation means and some of the pros of taking on this project. […]

Protect Personal Data

Protecting Personal Data When Launching A Big Data Project

With the constant news of data breaches, having a security plan in place is critical in protecting personal data. Today, let’s discuss the ins and outs of a successful Hadoop initiative, the open-source software of choice for companies looking to launch big data projects. With all it’s advantages, Hadoop has a well-known disadvantage: it runs […]

supplier data management

Supplier Data Quality: How It Affects Your Business

Even though automation is transforming the business industry, human interaction is still critical when the buyer-supplier relationship and the procurement department are involved. A miss match in Data Quality can lead to dignificant issues in the supplier/consumer equation. Imagine a multinational organization working with tens of thousands of suppliers, having to keep personal and business […]