security while online

Database Administrator Job Roles?

A database administrator, also known as a DBA, is the person responsible for the integrity of data within a company. To say it in a few words, a DBA is in charge of ensuring that the data in the application tier is performant, recoverable, and secure. As companies get bigger and their data soars, the […]

securing public wifi

Public Wi-Fi Networks – 5 Tips To Stay Safe

From airports to libraries and hotels, public Wi-Fi networks are practically everywhere. As innocent as they may seem, they can be a hacker’s paradise. These tips will help you surf safely on any device and avoid any identity-theft or data-loss nightmare. 1. Keep Your Antivirus Updated First and foremost, take some time to keep your […]

cloud computing

Cloud Computing – 7 Things To Consider

Your company has started the move some utility to cloud computing, however  you’re not yet fully cloud-native. As your business grows and adapts, you’ll discover that there are several processes that will help make that transition easier. If you’re ready to become cloud-native, make sure you’re implementing these key pieces of your plan to ensure […]

Tracking Chips in Clothes

Do You Want Your Clothing Tracking You?

Do You Want Your Clothing Tracking You? Tommy Hilfiger is considering putting tracking chips in your clothing. Tracking where and when you wear their clothes so that they can reward you for brand loyalty It sounds like a clever and fun way to for your company to connect with your target consumer and maybe even […]

Surge Traffic

Surge Traffic – Are You Ready For Healthcare Open Enrollment Day?

Can Your Systems Handle Healthcare Open Enrollment Day Traffic? Are you sure your systems are ready for the new and past enrollees, to create new accounts or update old insurance information. Last year Open Enrollment caused many outages for insurance providers the week of the enrollment deadlines, mostly due to surge traffic overwhelming their databases. […]