cyber monday

Cyber Monday – 3 Causes of E-Commerce Site Slowdowns

Cyber Monday, the online take on Black Friday, takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving with incredible deals going on online. For online retailers, Cyber Monday represents the highest grossing sale day of the year. Having a slow e-commerce site, even for a few minutes, can cost millions of dollars. Not long ago, it took eight […]

network and cyber security

What Is Server Consolidation and When Is It Necessary?

According to Gartner, server consolidation poses considerable benefits even though it is ill-defined and immature. Companies should take a step-by-step approach to reap the considerable benefits accrued by the different types of consolidation. Server consolidation is an option widely used to maximize the effective use of server resources to decrease the number of servers required […]

e commerce network security

What Does An IT Consultant Do?

An IT consultant (Information Technology) typically has deep understanding of vitualy verything there is to know about computer networks and systems. They can run a one-person operation or work in-company to advise business executives on how to make the most out of their network systems. As not all projects entail the same tasks, not all […]

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Database Failure The 3 Most Common Causes

At Soaring Eagle, we know that all organizations use databases for nearly every operation, ranging from CRM to sales and marketing. Therefore, when there is a failure in the database, the company risks losing mission-critical data that can cost the entire business. There are generally three common causes of database failure. Let’s look at each […]