preventative database maintenance

What is Preventative Database Maintenance?

Preventive database maintenance refers to critical tasks which are time and resource consuming, but essential for the health of your system, which includes both index rebuilds and database consistency verification. The purpose of a successful preventive database maintenance schedule is to set consistent practices designed to enhance the performance and safety of the equipment at […]

remote database management

Advantages of Remote Database Management

Remote Database Management offers enterprise class support to entrepreneurs operating small businesses that know how important information is in our digital age. It is necessary to take the required steps to make sure their businesses have a reliable database. In order to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, some companies consider outsourcing database functions to […]


What is Database Mirroring?

Database mirroring is a configuration where two or three database servers are located, run on separate computers, and cooperate to keep copies of the database and log file of transactions. Both the primary server and the mirror server keep a copy of the database and the transaction log, while the third server, called a witness, […]