multi-platform database systems

Advantages of Using Multi-Platform Database Systems

There are new perspectives on the benefits of managing multi-platform database systems, even though the challenges are new, and sometimes radical. Both in large and small organizations, DBAs are under pressure to comply with the sudden changes in database technology while ensuring the best performance and stability for their entire environment. More Databases Types Due […]

Soaring Eagle Database Consulting

Soaring Eagle Data Solutions in the News

Soaring Eagle Interviews MNI Media Presents 3 Ways Not Securing Your Business Data Can Prove Costly 3 Tips for Treating Your Business Data With The Respect It Deserves Cybersecurity Threats: 7 Steps to Help Protect Your Company from Malware Many Employees Know Little About Cybersecurity Threats Guarding Your Business Against Data Loss Written by Soaring Eagle […]


How Does HIPAA Affect Database Management?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection that companies who deal with protected health information (PHI) must comply with. DBA Role In order to comply with the HIPAA regulations, DBAs must secure the confidentiality and integrity of all electronic PHI data, whether the information is located […]

When to upgrade database

Database Upgrade – 4 Signs That It’s Time

A database upgrade can be a duanting, but nescesary task.  A database meets different business objectives: Keeping a history of the relationship with your current and past customers, running marketing campaigns, categorizing your contacts, establishing business objectives, knowing and monitoring your competition, obtaining performance data, etc. A database upgrade, so that it is up to […]


Data Clustering Basics

Data clustering is a method that involves grouping a set of objects based on their characteristics and their similarities. It is a technique of unsupervised learning and is common for statistical data analysis used in many fields. Data Clustering Models There are different ways to implement this partitioning. Each model uses distinct algorithms, differentiating by […]