What’s the Difference Between a Database and a Data Warehouse?

What is a Database? A database is a group of data stored in tables, which consists of rows and columns that represent attributes. Each one of the rows in the database represents a single entity. A Database Management System is the software used to help manage databases. Some of the most popular DBMS include MySQL, […]


What is a Database Administrator or DBA?

Every organization that handles large volumes of data requires a database management system (DBMS). The person or group of people in charge of managing, supervising, and ensuring the proper use of the data within a DBMS are the database administrators or DBA. These systems allow companies to manage vast amounts of data in an efficient […]


What’s the Difference Between Database and Spreadsheet Software?

Understanding the difference between a database and a spreadsheet plays an essential role in the daily operations of many companies, and it is vital to make better use of these technologies. Although different technologies are involved, the databases and spreadsheets share some characteristics. Spreadsheet applications are user-friendly, ubiquitous, and flexible. They are used to merge […]


What is Big Data Management?

Big data management is a general concept that includes the governance, organization, design, management, policies, procedures, and technology used for large volumes of structured and unstructured data. It can combine data cleansing, integration, migration, and preparation for reporting and analytics. The purpose of big data management is to guarantee data quality of the highest level […]