VLDB SQL Server conversions

Very Large Data Conversion Process

By Valentin Iamandi, Principal DBA The conversion myth “The conversion is slow because there is a lot of data” – a SQL developer Context Some of the big conversion SQL Server databases projects are supposed to not only convert very large data sets (billions of rows and multiple terabytes of data) but also to expand […]


Caucus Issues

The Iowa Caucus Application Malfunction Bad things Happen To Good People and Companies If you have participated in a software deployment, then you know how nail biting the production roll out can be. You have tested for everything you could think of. You have people on standby to ensure that the application works as expected […]

Eliminating Redundant Indexes

Reclaiming Space

Recently I was called into a shop that had a 4 terabyte database, who claimed they didn’t have anywhere near that much data. Upon investigation, they were correct. They had about 100 gig of data, and about 3.9 T of indexes. Is this too much? Well, in order to make that kind of judgement call […]



Continuity in the IT world means that if we lose a teammate (hopefully only temporarily) that work and life in our environment can still go on. The most important thing to do is to automate everything that you can. Alerts, backups, index investigation, data integrity checks and other maintenance processes must be automated. Make sure […]


On-Prem vs Cloud – Where Should You Put Your Data?

For many businesses, it is hard to determine whether online or on-premises storage is the right choice. There are many considerations to take into account, including their benefits and challenges. Let’s analyze both options to help companies decide on the correct option. What is Cloud Software? Cloud solutions allow companies to manage, store and access […]


What’s New in MS SQL 2019

Like all previous versions, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is packed with new features and capabilities. Let’s look at some of the most helpful features for database management systems (DBMS). Indexing One of the new capabilities is related to indexing. If indexing goes wrong, SQL Server 2019 gives DBAs the tools to deal with such situations. […]