Database Administration – Architecting Effective Solutions

Architecting Solutions for Effective Database Administration

Business Intelligence and technical efficiencies are paving the way for industries to grow at an unprecedented rate. But with the swift growth, companies often don’t have a workforce who can handle scalability problems, primarily, the expansion of their database and its security. The stability of the database, thus, is challenged while attack surfaces, with most enterprises not having the expertise to rectify it. Database Administration (DBA), being the backbone of a company proves to be a very critical factor for workforce scalability. Successfully tackling these challenges Soaring Eagle Consulting-Florida, headquartered in Apollo Beach Fl. “What we bring in is expertise in operational stability, performance, and tuning, scalability, and architecture know-how in database administration,” says Jeff Garbus, CEO, Soaring Eagle Consulting. The firm retains a keen focus on maximizing database performance for clients across diverse industries.

Database Management

Along these lines, they have created a client–portal, known as the Soaring Eagle Flight center, which is an internal tool, which facilitates the customer to store information about their database management systems and see the status of the servers, their maintenance, and capacity. “Through this portal, a client can manage hundreds of SQL Servers, Oracle Servers, or SAP/ASE servers. Apart from managing large customer databases, the portal is also a solution for us to communicate the process to our customers,” explains Jeff. The application, which includes a ticketing system, and has timely alerts incorporated into it.

Database Issues

Beyond the perimeter of their customized managed services, Soaring Eagle also productizes their solution, known as the Health Check, to analyze any underlying database and performance issues for firms outside their regular client list. Through the Health check, the company provides a detailed report recommending specific changes to improve the database performance. The predictive analysis enables the customer to understand and manage their environment better. For instance, Soaring Eagle provided their solution to a public company in the healthcare space with over 100 SQL Servers that had no Database Administrative (DBA) support for several years. Following a strategic analysis by Soaring Eagle, it was discovered that no preventive maintenance was taking place concerning the company’s database. Several instances of database corruption were reported. There was no proactive capacity planning exercised by the company which eventually resulted in ‘data loss.’ Soaring Eagle sanitized the corruption, incorporated regular monitoring, and implemented additional space on the servers, saving hundreds of hours per week of developer time, built-in over several dozen servers and proactive tuning sessions to help the customer.

Database Corruption

With more than two decades of experience, the work pool of Soaring Eagle is extensively skilled in SQL Server, SAP/ASE (Sybase), DB2 and Oracle. Jeff highlights, the company provides a dedicated consultant for all their clients, to communicate with, at any given time, while making the entire team available as needed. “Our clients come to us when they fail to handle a database corruption, have a database performance issue, or architectural issues; we give them immediate services. With the affordable fixed pricing of the managed services, they also get to access our experts on a 24/7 basis. A detailed runbook is built for each customer in case the primary consultant or client contacts are not available,” elucidates Jeff.

Database Management Consulting Services

Soaring Eagle’s progressive growth has been greatly influenced by Jeff’s traits in conformity with the company’s tactical planning. Looking ahead, Soaring Eagle plans to enhance the Flight Center to empower their customers to become more efficient in Database Administration.

Author Jeffrey Garbus