Avoid Database Problems With These SQL Server Administration Tips

Did you know that postponing SQL Server administration tasks can lead to serious and complex database problems? Do not forget to carry out these often-neglected maintenance items and help your SQL Server systems run smoothly.  Establish Version Consistency   Database administrators should keep their software versions standardized. While the causes may seem trivial, the consequences […]


Are You Ready For GDPR?

Security and protection of personal information (PI) is all the rage today. You can’t scroll through Facebook or watch the news without seeing something about the latest data breach. The days are numbered before the U.S. joins the European Union in their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the EU, PI data not only includes […]


The Scapegoating of Facebook

Soaring Eagle Advice Column I feel like I have stayed quiet for too long. If you are my close friend, you have heard this rant a dozen times. But I have kept my pen (keyboard) quiet on this issue, and I feel as though it is time to speak out. Facebook is being scapegoated. Why? […]


Why Small Businesses Are Prime Targets For Ransomware Attacks

Small businesses used to be safer from cyber attacks. They move less data and have fewer customers, making them lower priority on the cyber attack scale. Unfortunately, over the last several years, small businesses have come under increasing attack from ransomware and other key cybersecurity problems. As a small business owner, your business is more […]

IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The Critical Stages of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

An IT disaster can bring your company to a screeching halt and incur serious bills that you’ll have to deal with quickly. When a disaster strikes, are you prepared? Creating a disaster recovery plan, or DRP, will ensure that your business is ready to respond fast when a disaster takes down your business. An effective […]


What are the Most Common Data Breaches?

  As a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about protecting your business from data breaches. But what does that mean, exactly? A data breach is an unwanted, unsolicited, entry into your data, that violates data security protocols or causes damage to, or exposure of your data, systems, and applications. Common Data Breaches include: […]


How To Explain Database Management To Your Boss

Let’s face it. Your boss’ priorities might be different than yours. While you can geek out for hours on database management, your boss might have a harder time understanding its value. Or, he/she might be all for it but hasn’t completely grasped why database management is such a crucial component of your business. In this […]

cloud storage

What Is Cloud Storage?

When you think of today’s modern enterprise operation models, managing data in a safe but easily-accessible environment is crucial. The days of exchanging thumb drives or emailing attachments are long gone. Today’s professional landscape demands real-time, on-demand, safe access to corporate information. The ability to collaborate without managing multiple versions. Never asking again: “WHERE did […]


3 Tips For Treating Your Business Data With The Respect It Deserves

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Young Upstarts, a leading publication on entrepreneurship, intrepreneurship, innovation, and small business. Check them out to stay in the know about the latest in industry news, opinion and analysis. Much of what keeps a business operating and profitable lies not on a store shelf but deep inside a computer system, where […]