Database security

What You Don’t Know About Your Database Can Hurt You

Jeff Garbus, 30-year IT veteran and author of over a dozen books on database technologies, has been a database consultant for most of his career. He recently had dinner with a CTO-friend who has brought Jeff with him to multiple companies, and was asked, “If you were going to a conference to hear Jeff speak, […]

DBA Burnout

How to Burn Out your DBA

Are you trying to get rid of your DBA – or DBA team? Want to make a reputation for your IT shop that will make recruitment borderline impossible? Simply want to make somebody’s life miserable? Then this article is for you! Note: If you want a happy DBA that stays with you, do the opposite. […]

Database Performance For Executives

Database Performance for Executives

We received a call recently from a business partner who told us, in essence, “We have a customer, a large hospital, who complained of database performance issues. We spent $3M of their money upgrading their systems, and the performance is the same. The CIO is worried about his job, and we are worried that we […]

Architecting Solutions for Effective Database Administration

Database Administration – Architecting Effective Solutions

Business Intelligence and technical efficiencies are paving the way for industries to grow at an unprecedented rate. But with the swift growth, companies often don’t have a workforce who can handle scalability problems, primarily, the expansion of their database and its security. The stability of the database, thus, is challenged while attack surfaces, with most […]

Equifax Database Breach

How to Protect Yourself From the Equifax Breach

Cybersecurity is not just an issue that big companies need to worry about. Considering that every single one of us leaves behind such a huge digital footprint, we should pay attention to how it affects us as individuals. The truth is that once you’re assigned a social security number, it’s hard to stay completely hidden […]

Security Breach

Security Breach! What to Do Next.

It’s 2017, and we’re used to technology progressing at the speed of light. When we get used to one system, the next one comes along. Along with this reality, we’ve all experienced either a computer virus, a crashed system, or compromised security, all of which can lead to a security breach. While there are steps […]

What Causes Data to Run Slowly

What Causes Slow Data Performance?

Most of us grew up without a thought about slow data performance.  Do you remember growing up with no computers? We’d have fun outside with our friends, or stay inside and read books. Our parents saved information in phone books, calendars, paper logs, and business journals. Those were the days. But if one of those […]

The Real Costs of a Cybersecurity Breach

The Real Costs of a Cybersecurity Breach

Raise your hands if you’ve ever waited to do something until the last minute. While that type of blasé attitude is great for fun vacation stories, it doesn’t work as well if you’re running a business, where cybersecurity breach is always iminent. “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – […]

What's in Store for Data Storage

What’s in Store for Data Storage?

Remember how we used to save data in diskettes? We felt so modern carrying our homework in a floppy disk instead of in a notebook. Innovation had arrived. Today, those gadgets look as out of place as a Rolodex or an 8-track, but at some point, they were lifesavers. And the same way back then […]

Troubleshooting Database Failure

System Failure, a Troubleshooting Guide

So you’re at work, typing along in your computer, laser focused on the task at hand. All of a sudden, system failure, your computer goes black. You have a pretty intense freak out moment, because you spent hours working on your document; which by the way, contains a lot of sensitive client information. Did you […]