4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Database Software

A database meets different business objectives: Keeping a history of the relationship with your current and past customers, running marketing campaigns, categorizing your contacts, establishing business objectives, knowing and monitoring your competition, obtaining performance data, etc. Having your database software up-to-date is essential so that all of these functionalities comply with their objectives and contribute […]


What Is Data Clustering?

Clustering is a method that involves grouping a set of objects based on their characteristics and their similarities. It is a technique of unsupervised learning and is common for statistical data analysis used in many fields. Data Clustering Models There are different ways to implement this partitioning. Each model uses distinct algorithms, differentiating by their […]


What is Database Normalization?

Data normalization is a method in which data attributes of a data model are sorted to enhance the cohesion of entity types and to reduce and even eliminate data redundancy. Normalization of a relational database consists of applying a series of rules to avoid future queries or unnecessarily complex queries, to eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies […]


What is Data Scrambling?

Some companies have long wondered what data scrambling is. Data scrambling is the process of deleting or obfuscating confidential data, a method that is normally carried out by database administrators who want to preserve the confidentiality of the data. This process is irreversible so that the original data cannot be obtained from the scrambled data. […]


Consequences Of Poor Data Management

Organizations have to analyze a higher volume of data every year and more companies seem to struggle to deal with this situation, so taking advantage of relevant data is crucial, not only to decrease costs but also to minimize risk and improve safety. Businesses need to be fully productive and reduce downtime to a minimum […]


How a Ransomware Attack Can Happen to You

Ransomware is a kind of malicious code that uses mechanisms to make the data inaccessible to the user, to demand the payment of an amount of money to restore access to the information. Users visualize on-screen instructions for how to pay a fee to get the decryption key. The costs vary from a few hundred […]


How Data Management Software Can Improve the Work-Life Balance for Your Employees

Striking that perfect work-life balance has always been a challenge for American companies. Hectic schedules and workplace pressure cause personal lives to suffer. Work-life balance could mean something different to every individual; However, there is software that could help you find the balance that’s right for you and your business. Data Management Software Data management […]


What is Preventative Database Maintenance?

Preventive database maintenance refers to critical tasks which are time and resource consuming, but essential for the health of your system, which includes both index rebuilds and database consistency verification. The purpose of a successful preventive maintenance schedule is to set consistent practices designed to enhance the performance and safety of the equipment at your […]


Advantages of Remote Database Management

Most entrepreneurs who operate small businesses know how important information is in our digital age. Therefore, it is necessary to take the required steps to make sure their businesses have a reliable database. In order to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, some companies consider outsourcing database functions to a vendor. Read on to find […]


What is Database Mirroring?

Database mirroring is a configuration where two or three database servers are located, run on separate computers, and cooperate to keep copies of the database and log file of transactions. Both the primary server and the mirror server keep a copy of the database and the transaction log, while the third server, called a witness, […]