Continuity in the IT world means that if we lose a teammate (hopefully only temporarily) that work and life in our environment can still go on. The most important thing to do is to automate everything that you can. Alerts, backups, index investigation, data integrity checks and other maintenance processes must be automated. Make sure […]


On-Prem vs Cloud – Where Should You Put Your Data?

For many businesses, it is hard to determine whether online or on-premises storage is the right choice. There are many considerations to take into account, including their benefits and challenges. Let’s analyze both options to help companies decide on the correct option. What is Cloud Software? Cloud solutions allow companies to manage, store and access […]


What’s New in MS SQL 2019

Like all previous versions, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is packed with new features and capabilities. Let’s look at some of the most helpful features for database management systems (DBMS). Indexing One of the new capabilities is related to indexing. If indexing goes wrong, SQL Server 2019 gives DBAs the tools to deal with such situations. […]


How Does Database Performance Affect Your Business?

Database failure could turn into an ordeal for CTOs and IT Managers. Making sure that database systems operate efficiently is a core requirement of modern IT management. Several tools can help database administrators monitor, maintain, and improve the performance of databases. But before considering the need for database performance software, it’s essential first to understand […]

database monitoring

How Does Database Activity Monitoring Work?

According to, database activity monitoring (DAM) is a fairly established technology, existing over a decade, which is in charge of observing, identifying, and reporting a database’s activities. DAM tools use real-time security technology to provides alerts and reports to analyze configured activities independently. These tools also help detect irregular activities, whether internal or external, […]

database auditing

Your Database Audit – What to Expect

Database auditing refers to tracking the use of records and authority. When auditing a database, each operation is monitored and logged to an audit trail, including when or which information on database object or data record that was used. Nonetheless, not all audit logs have the same value to the auditors, as they require logs […]

cyber security

Data Breach! 5 Signs Your Business Has Been Hacked!

A data breach is a severe issue, and determining whether or not your business has been breached is one of the toughest tasks your company can face. Even though the likelihood is high, you can never really tell if your business is going to be hacked. In fact, 62% of small and medium-sized companies have […]

database capacity

Database Capacity Planning – A Primer

One of the most challenging tasks of the network administrator is to do network capacity planning. Capacity planning is a process that involves the correct sizing of all the links, equipment, and resources of a network, including permissions, software, and the people needed to operate and generate this network to support the essential business activities […]

Database Reports

Database Reports – Reap The Benefits

Database Reports are created from data visualized for analysis, data discovery, and decision-making, and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. Most business applications come with a built-in reporting tool, which is a front-end interface that calls back-end database queries. In order to extract data, a query should be run with several tools that call […]