Soaring Eagle & SQL Governor are here to save you money!

Soaring Eagle Database Consulting Inc. and SQL Governor are announcing a partnership to help companies save money SQL Governor®  helps companies to modernize their data platforms, ease migration to the cloud, and reduce their SQL costs and carbon footprint. SQL Governor® capacity optimization and performance optimization solution is ideal for planning the data platform renewal, in […]


Components of Data Protection

Penny Garbus, President Data protection has many facets. First there are hardware structures, software, and procedural processes. Then you have defensive maneuver strategies that you complete through Audit Penetration tests and Phishing tests. You need all the different layers from many types of software and hardware firewalls, SSL certificates, then layers of security monitoring software […]


Automating SQL Server Installation

By Rohit Khadka, Sr. Database Administrator As a Production DBA, I have had the opportunity to do an upgrade/migration from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2016. During the process, I realized that installing a new SQL Server on 20-30 servers in a short time was going to be challenging and monotonous. Going through the […]

The Usefulness of a Little R in SQL

Work smarter: Little R

By Rohit Khadka, Sr. Database Administrator At some point of our DBA career, we all have had an opportunity to run a set of scripts one by one for each instance until your fingers and mouse gave up. Then, we came back to work next day with a bandage wrapped around our fingers and continue […]

Eliminating Redundant Indexes

Reclaiming Space

Recently I was called into a shop that had a 4 terabyte database, who claimed they didn’t have anywhere near that much data. Upon investigation, they were correct. They had about 100 gig of data, and about 3.9 T of indexes. Is this too much? Well, in order to make that kind of judgement call […]


On-Prem vs Cloud – Where Should You Put Your Data?

For many businesses, it is hard to determine whether online or on-premises storage is the right choice. There are many considerations to take into account, including their benefits and challenges. Let’s analyze both options to help companies decide on the correct option. What is Cloud Software? Cloud solutions allow companies to manage, store and access […]

database management systems durability

What is Durability in Databases Management Systems?

Durability is the property that makes sure that transactions are permanently stored and do not disappear or are erased by accident, even during a database crash. It is accomplished by storing all transactions into a non-volatile storage medium. Durability is part of the ACID acronym, which was popularized by Theo Harder and Andreas Reuter in […]