Black Friday Database Surge Traffic Planning

Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Volume?

Can Your Systems Handle A Huge Surge in Traffic? Are you sure your systems are ready for an onslaught of clients on Black Friday? Are your websites, calling centers and your computer systems up to the task should suddenly your transaction and user login rates sky rocket? You don’t want to spend a lot of […]

Database Administrator

How to Hire the Perfect Database Administrator

A Database Administrator, or DBA, especially competent ones, can be difficult to find, validate technically, and hire, as they are rare and in high demand. This article discusses finding, scoping, and acquiring your new DBA. Finding a DBA Where do DBAs (Database Administrator) hang out? Larger companies may hire a staffing firm. This may be […]

Soaring Eagle Database Client Retention

Soaring Eagle Client Retention Strategy

A couple of weeks ago our Sales Director and I met with a marketing mentor, and a discussed profiling our customers. What is an excellent customer? How do we define them? How do we create the right message and services to target prospects that match the Soaring Eagle profile of our best customers? We then […]

data management software work life balance

How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

As the economics of our businesses goes through ebbs and tides, our work-life balance tends to follow those highs and lows as well. It seems like the tides get higher and the ebbs only mean we work harder and longer for less pay. This happens to all business owners and employees. It is ok to […]

Building a DB Guru Team

How to Get Your Gurus to Fly in V-Formation

So you are lucky, and you have hired one or several top technical people “gurus” in their field. You know that when it comes to technology, they know their stuff. Plus, they love doing the job. They are incredibly dependable, are nearly self-motivated when it comes to learning and tackling new problems, and they like […]

Database Preventive Maintenance

Don’t Be Afraid of Database Preventive Maintenance

The single most common problem I see when performing database health checks is a lack of preventive maintenance. There are a few prevalent reasons for this: – DBMS’ are frequently maintained by people other than experienced DBAs. This leads to problems due to lack of knowledge. – Owners (both business owners and line of business […]

Database security

What You Don’t Know About Your Database Can Hurt You

Jeff Garbus, 30-year IT veteran and author of over a dozen books on database technologies, has been a database consultant for most of his career. He recently had dinner with a CTO-friend who has brought Jeff with him to multiple companies, and was asked, “If you were going to a conference to hear Jeff speak, […]

DBA Burnout

How to Burn Out your DBA

Are you trying to get rid of your DBA – or DBA team? Want to make a reputation for your IT shop that will make recruitment borderline impossible? Simply want to make somebody’s life miserable? Then this article is for you! Note: If you want a happy DBA that stays with you, do the opposite. […]

Database Performance For Executives

Database Performance for Executives

We received a call recently from a business partner who told us, in essence, “We have a customer, a large hospital, who complained of database performance issues. We spent $3M of their money upgrading their systems, and the performance is the same. The CIO is worried about his job, and we are worried that we […]

Architecting Solutions for Effective Database Administration

Database Administration – Architecting Effective Solutions

Business Intelligence and technical efficiencies are paving the way for industries to grow at an unprecedented rate. But with the swift growth, companies often don’t have a workforce who can handle scalability problems, primarily, the expansion of their database and its security. The stability of the database, thus, is challenged while attack surfaces, with most […]