Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

24/7 Customer Support is a key element in planning for surge traffic during peak sales seasons.  If you have been keeping up with our series on e-commerce for Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you are almost ready to face the most challenging days of the year for apps and websites. If you want to stand […]

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment 5 Solutions

Reports state that a stunningly 75% of shopping carts are abandoned without further explanation. What causes Shopping Cart Abandonment, where a customer leaves an online store after filling a shopping cart? In this article, we will discuss the most common reasons why customers leave without completing a purchase and how to improve their experience to […]

securing public wifi

Public Wi-Fi Networks – 5 Tips To Stay Safe

From airports to libraries and hotels, public Wi-Fi networks are practically everywhere. As innocent as they may seem, they can be a hacker’s paradise. These tips will help you surf safely on any device and avoid any identity-theft or data-loss nightmare. 1. Keep Your Antivirus Updated First and foremost, take some time to keep your […]

High Volume Traffic

High Volume Traffic – Bad Things Happen to Great Companies

In the news yesterday, everyone was talking about Amazon’s poor performing website after high volume traffic came onto the site in a deluge to shop for the Prime Day deals. Soaring Eagle Database Consultants are published authors on Amazon, this is something near and dear to us! Many customers couldn’t complete their searches or couldn’t […]

Black Friday Database Surge Traffic Planning

Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Volume?

Can Your Systems Handle A Huge Surge in Traffic? Are you sure your systems are ready for an onslaught of clients on Black Friday? Are your websites, calling centers and your computer systems up to the task should suddenly your transaction and user login rates sky rocket? You don’t want to spend a lot of […]

Database Administrator

How to Hire the Perfect Database Administrator

A Database Administrator, or DBA, especially competent ones, can be difficult to find, validate technically, and hire, as they are rare and in high demand. This article discusses finding, scoping, and acquiring your new DBA. Finding a DBA Where do DBAs (Database Administrator) hang out? Larger companies may hire a staffing firm. This may be […]

Soaring Eagle Database Client Retention

Soaring Eagle Client Retention Strategy

A couple of weeks ago our Sales Director and I met with a marketing mentor, and a discussed profiling our customers. What is an excellent customer? How do we define them? How do we create the right message and services to target prospects that match the Soaring Eagle profile of our best customers? We then […]

data management software work life balance

How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

As the economics of our businesses goes through ebbs and tides, our work-life balance tends to follow those highs and lows as well. It seems like the tides get higher and the ebbs only mean we work harder and longer for less pay. This happens to all business owners and employees. It is ok to […]