Benefits of Outsourcing Database Administration

If you are looking for supplemental expertise for the maintenance and support of operational databases, then remote database administration (or database outsourcing) may be what you are looking for, especially outside of normal business hours (24×7). A remote database service provider controls the operations of an organization’s database and makes sure that critical parameters are […]


What Does a Database Administrator Do?

A database administrator, also known as a DBA, is the person responsible for the integrity of data within a company. To say it in a few words, a DBA is in charge of ensuring that the data in the application tier is performant, recoverable, and secure. As companies get bigger and their data soars, the […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Remote Database Provider

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Remote Database Provider

Soaring Eagle Advice Column If you’re looking for a managed service provider, you need to know what makes one different from another. What questions should you ask before making a hiring decision? Below are general guidelines that will help you choose the best provider for your business. That said, always remember to ask for references. […]