Better Database Architecture Is Better Business

A Multinational Restaurant Chain With Performance Issues The Client Required: 24×7 Continuous Support Scaling and Growth Planning Assistance with In-House and 3rd-Party apps Assistance with Costly Performance Issues Need to Design and Implement Solutions – ADD VALUE What We Did Implement Best Practices Across the Environment Upgrade outdated versions of SQL Installed new instances of […]


What Soaring Eagle Does

Your Problems Quantified 70% of performance problems are caused by code, not infrastructure Less Than 30% of problems can be found by standard Load Testing Users have zero patience for slow performance What You Need: Experts averaging 20 years of experience to augment your team After Hours Support to take the stress off your internal […]

VLDB SQL Server conversions

Very Large Data Conversion Process

By Valentin Iamandi, Principal DBA The conversion myth “The conversion is slow because there is a lot of data” – a SQL developer Context Some of the big conversion SQL Server databases projects are supposed to not only convert very large data sets (billions of rows and multiple terabytes of data) but also to expand […]