24/7 Customer Support on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support is a key element in planning for surge traffic during peak sales seasons.  If you have been keeping up with our series on e-commerce for Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you are almost ready to face the most challenging days of the year for apps and websites.

If you want to stand out and become a customer-centric organization, you need to provide your customers with service and support both within and outside business hours. Offering uninterrupted 24/7 support is especially important for your organization’s success during peak sales season, as it will enhance customer experience and boost customer engagement.

Serving Customers Without Delays

There are conclusive statistics that reveal that customers will switch brands if customer support does not resolve their issue quickly. Imagine this happening on Cyber Monday! It will translate in huge losses for your company.

If your company does not have the resources to respond to customer inquiries, managing complaints or providing innovative solutions for the problems they are experiencing, they will turn to the business that invests time and effort in always being available.

Contact Options

It is a great idea to have all your contact options grouped in one place, such as your website’s contact us page. Make this page easy to find and make sure to include contact options for those customers needing technical support, with billing inquiries or have issues with their orders.

Some companies distinguish between self-service knowledge bases and active support, it is essential to cross-link all your contact options to help people more easily find their way to a solution.

Live Chat

One of the most effective ways to offer real-time online customer support is by offering a live chat option on your website. It assures 24/7 availability and indicates your customers that your brand is receptive to their needs and is always available to help them out.

Customers want to get immediate assistance at all times. Just be sure an actual person is handling the chat, as buyers can tell if they’ve reached an automated service.

Social Media

There are many channels that businesses can use to provide customers with 24/7 support and service. Twitter and Facebook are some interesting options. Unhappy customers sometimes take to social media to ask questions or to air some grievances. Therefore, regular monitoring is key to answer questions and concerns. You can either use your regular social media accounts to field comments or create a new account specifically for customer support.

Unlike other channels, if a customer doesn’t get a reply on social media right away, it not only disappoints that customer, but others also see that your brand didn’t care to respond. Some research shows that failing to respond on social media channels can trigger a 43% decrease in customer loyalty, while a timely and helpful response can help loyalty increase by up to 20%.

The Internet has made consistent interaction infinitely more accessible, and your business should fully use all new technologies at hand to keep them up and running during the busiest time of year.

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