Database Administration Basics

Database Administration Basics

When most people see the letters “DBA,” they think of “doing business as.” But when it comes to the wonderful world of IT, we are referring to database administration.

Pretty much everything that’s online or work that you’ve done on your computer is stored in a database. Therefore, every single business in the world has one. And since that also means your business, it’s crucial you have reliable DBAs who will keep your databases secure.

Not all DBAs are the same, however; and to know whom you need to call should the need arise, it’s important to be clear on each of their roles.

Developmental DBAs

As the name states, these types of DBAs develop databases. They are database architects: They design the software programs, test their performance, and conduct an initial predictive analysis.

Production DBAs

Production DBAs take care of your database once it has been created. For example, they monitor performance to ensure everything is running smoothly. They also keep an eye out for any possible corruption in the database; they protect it from unauthorized access and regularly conduct information backups. In other words, they are very busy people.

Why do you need both of them?

Simply put, because if you don’t have someone monitoring your databases, once a problem arises, a small issue could snowball to a monster due to lack of maintenance. It’s the equivalent of preventive healthcare.

Think about it: If your system crashes, your entire business could be placed in jeopardy. That said, if your system does crash, you can either panic, or you can contact your DBA for restoration efforts. Depending on who you call, they can either stare at their phone like a deer in headlights, or they can get right to business and get things fixed for you.

That’s where Soaring Eagle Consulting comes in. Whether a hacker broke into your database, or a typical Florida hurricane caused the system to fail, we are here to help you. Almost any administrator can perform a backup. A useful administrator can perform a restoration. Give us a call, and let us show you what we can do for your business.