Database Administration for the Finance Industry

Common Concerns

  • PCI Compliance – Constant Audit and P.I. issues
  • Transactions measured in microseconds – Application speed is critical to core functionality and profitability
  • 3rd Party Software – Numerous apps that you have minimal control over

Case Study

Financial Services Firm With over $1 Trillion in Assets

  • A query *MUST RUN* weekly took over 48 hours to run and failed often. This caused pain top to bottom (including pulling the CEO in when it failed).
  • By tuning this query properly we were able to reduce this down to 27 seconds from 48+ hours and reduce crashing to almost zero.
  • These changes took only a few days to diagnose, test, and implement.
  • Now this is a TOOL that increases productivity and profit instead of an auditing problem and pain point.

What should you be doing?

Best Practices in Your DB Environment

  • Backups and Restores -> With FREQUENT checks that these work
  • Run Your Maintenance Jobs and VALIDATE them
  • Always Review Code
  • Keep your team from being overworked

Doing the above will help ensure your audit go smoothly

We can augment your team