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A Custom Database Solution Just For You

Every company is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all database solution for business owners. To ensure that your own enterprise runs as efficiently as possible, sometimes it’s best to implement customized processes. This is where we come in. Our on-shore DBAs will design a database architecture and ensure performance and tuning based on your specific needs. We’ll also conduct on-prem or cloud migration services and assure optimization. And because needs vary from company to company, you can book our services to be performed either on-site or remotely, by the day, week, quarter, or on a continual basis. No matter your organization’s demands, we’ll keep your business right on track.

Listed below are our core consulting focuses.

Performance and Tuning Consulting

When your system is running slowly, most often, it’s time for performance and tuning. Our team of guru-level DBAs will analyze your systems and recommend solutions to improve the performance of your database. With your approval, we will then implement the changes to your database management system. Our goal with any performance and tuning project is to beat industry standards of performance. Why? Because when we do, you can get back to focusing your efforts on the critical business matters without worrying about database performance.

Architecture Design and Planning

Nothing is worse than building a new system, only to find out the original plan didn’t actually give you what you needed to meet the business objectives. Our architecture design and planning solutions ensure that your implementation is a success! Our team of database experts works with you to review your goals and design a solution that will not only solve your right-now problems but also plan for the future, saving you time, money and frustration in the long run.

Scalability Assessment

Are you having problems with slow applications as your customer base or transactions increase? That’s what our scalability assessment is for. As your company grows, it’s important that your systems are designed to scale. We can help you create the plan you need to ensure growth isn’t impeded by database issues.

System Audit/Pre-Audit

Do you have a HIPAA, SarbOx, PCI, or other audits looming? Knowing what the auditor will be looking for, in advance, can help you avoid pesky unexpected issues. With over twenty years of experience helping financial and healthcare companies prepare for audits, we know what they are looking for. We examine your system security, test entry points, scan for potential security issues and compare your system to best practices and industry standards. Once our audit is complete, we will create a detailed report of our findings and present it to you. From there, we help you implement changes and updates to ensure the real audit is a piece of cake!

Migration and Upgrades

Are you preparing to move to a new hardware solution, looking to migrate your database software or need to consolidate your servers? If so, this database consulting service may be a good fit for you. Our DBA experts perform migrations and upgrades between all database management systems (DBMS), as well as alternative hardware solutions and server consolidations.

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