SQL Governor

baseline database assessment

SQL Data Suite

Get the comprehensive data suite that both analyzes your data today and stores your data for the future. With Soaring Eagle’s state of the are database dashboard and DBPro’s SQL Governor solution, you can optimize capacity and get 24/7 database management.

SQL Governor and Flight: Working Together

The combination of these tools will help take any database to the next level. You will have access to the world’s first IT support software for remote management as well as the compact platform that is easy to manage across the whole lifecycle. Saving you time and resources and giving you peace of mind on every level.

SQL Governor Features

Here are some of our favorite features of SQL Governor:

  • Collect data simultaneously from all the servers without additional load on the servers
  • Users see an average cost savings of 44%
  • Release hidden assets from your data platform
  • Capacity and performance optimization
  • Effort can be reduced from months and years into days and weeks
  • The final result is a consolidated Microsoft SQL Server platform that is easy to manage

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