Every Company Is A Data Company

Devon Garbus – National Account Manager

Are you in retail? Payments, warehouse inventory, shipping, all data. Medical industry? Pharmacy inventory, patient records, payments, scheduling. Need I really continue? Shipping industry- Tracking, warehousing, inventory, scheduling all revolves around data, and the technology to move that data.

More and more, businesses in every vertical are learning that they too are technology company. No longer can you throw one sysadmin in a closet and expect to keep things running indefinitely. Shouldn’t we have learned that lesson from watching Jurassic Park anyway? If John Hammond had invested in his tech team the way he invested in his cloning team countless deaths would have been saved.

Yes, that is fiction, but you tell me… How many companies could have been saved from financial ruin by investing in the infrastructure and personnel to keep their data safe, secure, and performing optimally. Can you afford to pay off a ransomware attack to the tune of 6 7 or 8 figures? Not without huge ramifications certainly, including the board of directors booting you from your job. How much data can you afford to lose? It s not fun reporting to clients when you have to tell them their PI information was stolen. The lawsuits and fines could be worse than the ransomware payment.

It’s time for EVERY company everywhere to realize they are nothing without their data, and they need to secure and optimize that data. With the rising costs of malware attacks and the implications of old infrastructure failure it is time to do a top to bottom sweep of your technology stack and make sure you are ready for tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.

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