Faster Response Shouldn’t be on your Wish List—Put it on Your Must Have List.


When you talk to any human that is standing in a line and tell them their wait will literally be a second or two and then you will be able to assist them or confirm their sale, you think that isn’t too much to ask. But the seconds tend to build. If I am first in line and you say you I have to wait 2 seconds, that is ok. But the next person will have to wait 4 seconds the third 6 seconds. If you are online the seconds tick slower than in real life. In real life the wait quickly builds exponentially as you stack thousands of people waiting for the folks in front to complete their sale.

By the time 20 seconds tick by, my mouse is already clicking away to another site… and most people demand Faster Response.

We have several case studies showing that solving performance problems in the database and application code have literally turned a 3-day consulting gig into making the client tens of thousands of dollars in return in the first 30 days. Tuning your database servers – looking for performance issues – can have significant ROI.  Consider reviewing your queries and see what you can do to help your clients.

Here is an example of what we were able to do:

We helped an internet company that sells printer ink and toner cartridges online, drie faster response reducing database response time from 9.5 to 0.24 seconds. This directly improved their web customer retention rate and the accounting team determined that profits increased by $75,000.00 the first month.

Another, larger company had 3,000 customer service representatives downloading schedules for 30 minutes/day. Tuning that down to 2 minutes saved almost a half hour times 3,000 EVERY day. That’s a very significant ROI, all due to faster response time.

Have you tuned your database today?

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