Identifying Talent in Your Team

Penny Garbus, President Soaring Eagle

One of the best ways to get your team mates to be dedicated to you is to see what human and technical characteristics that they instill and then take advantage of those specialties. Some people love to write, and are very good at documentation, taking a complicated idea and breaking it down for a training course. Some people are great speakers and may be attending TECH TALKS or TED TALKS, to build their skills. Some people are great at motivating other people, always positive always ready to do what they can to support your company. While others are constantly learning and updating their technical skills on their own.

These skills and characteristics are all there inside your team, you just have to pay attention so you can find them. If you are too busy yourself make sure your management team knows how to spot and use this talent, even if it means cross sharing the talent. If you build up your team members and show your appreciation for their talents, they will be more dedicated to you. The cost of attrition these days is very high especially if you must worry not only about their business technical skills but also worry about security, and other regulated standards.

During meetings, while reading emails, watch for the person that is sharing insight about your business through news media reports. Some people will outright create documentation sharing what they have just learned in a class or by reading the latest journals and books. While others have innate talents like presenting for an internal meeting or sharing ways to cut costs or save time while talking to you in a friendly conversation.

Make sure your own brain is open to seeing these sorts of things. Then create a rewards program to thank the people for sharing. Or if a person has a great skill set that will improve your company’s performance let them pick their own job title and let them earn the position by building the requirements with you.

Frequently I ask for help or knowledge to share that I don’t know everything and that I need help. It seems the team gets excited about who will be the first person to assist and they will jump at the chance to help me.

A lot of people in the world think that businesses don’t care about their employees but this is all hype, internet gossip, but in reality when I talk with any type of business owner, looking for and keeping a dedicated, motivated well trained team member is crucial to the businesses success. There is talent in your own team pool, find it and use it.