How to Know When to Upgrade Hardware and Software

When to Upgrade Hardware and Software

Have you ever been on a productive roll at work, typing away like a maniac and getting things done, only to get that awful circle of death? You know, that little circle your computer does when it’s “thinking” or “storing” information, preventing you from continuing to type?

If it happens frequently, it might be time to upgrade either your software or hardware. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as having too many programs running at the same time, or needing new anti-virus protection. But how do you know when it’s time to do a software upgrade or purchase new hardware?

When to upgrade software

In some cases, it’s painfully obvious that your software is outdated. Are you having problems opening email attachments from vendors, clients, or leads? Was your business once upon a time a sole proprietorship but is now of a much bigger size? Has your software allowed you to expand accordingly, or has it been rendered almost obsolete? Stop wasting time and money and upgrade to a program that’s compatible with your business needs.

And of course, there’s the major leaguer of software upgrades: anything that has to do with cybersecurity. Do you have a reliable anti-virus protection? What about Spyware? Keylogging? Every single day, there are new was to hack or steal identities; and if you stall on installing new software, you’re placing your business and your clients’ information at risk. 

When to purchase new hardware

Hardware is expensive. And unless you’re related to Michael Bloomberg, you probably would prefer to watch your expenses. But think about it this way: How much is it going to cost your business if your system fails? We’re talking about lost data, employee downtime, delays with work orders, and disgruntled clients.

Some issues are easier to fix than others: some parts can be replaced for a relatively low cost. But if it’s the CPU or motherboard that’s the issue, cough up that money and purchase new computers before your business operations are stalled and it affects your profit margins and causes a myriad of upset costumers.

When it comes to protecting your business, don’t put things on the back burner. At Soaring Eagle Database Consulting, we have a long list of experienced IT professionals that can do a diagnostics test on your system and pinpoint what the problems are. Call us and see what we can do for you.