Our Database Performance Methodology

Soaring Eagle Consulting Methodology

Our Five-Step Methodology for Optimal Database Performance

You need to speed up your systems, decrease complaints, and you need it done yesterday. That’s exactly what we’ve done for healthcare and financial companies around the country for over two decades. We tackle complicated database performance issues and proactively protect your data from corruption, ransomware attacks and application issues using our proven five-stage methodology.

Optimal Database Performance V Formation Stage

The V Formation Stage

We start with an analysis to get your team and systems flying right. Then, we develop maintenance strategies, disaster recovery plans, and backup protocols to protect your data from future problems.

Optimal Database Performance database Stabilization Stage

The Stabilization Stage

Now that we have a plan of attack, we implement these strategies to address the problems and optimize to improve your system’s performance. We analyze the results and then fine-tune your systems to perform at maximum efficiency.

Optimal Database Performance Stages The Elevation Stage

The Elevation Stage

After implementation, our team reviews the work completed to ensure optimal performance of your data and systems. Then, we work with you to understand your goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Optimal Database Performance Optimization The Validation Stage

The Validation Stage

Utilizing our proprietary Flight software, you can easily see the health of your databases from anywhere at any time. You can also see where we are monitoring your system’s jobs and alerts, validating system efficiency, and quickly addressing all alerts.

Optimal Database Performance steps The Evolution Stage

The Evolution Stage

As your data grows, so should your protection and efficiency plans. We make sure your data is delivered seamlessly to your customers and employees through continual maintenance, monitoring and performance audits.

Database Performance Success Story

Impressively Fast Databases Make Product Launch Possible
The sixth largest credit card processing company in the world engaged our team to help them meet an extremely aggressive SLA in a new product line they were preparing to launch. Their goal was to deliver a credit processing service that would turn around a credit card approval or denial in under six seconds after swiping a card. To service their largest clients, this had to happen in mass quantity.

The challenges were in the database layer and the .NET layer. We brought in one of the top .NET consultants in the industry to help us fix the issue. In only two weeks, we were able to deliver the full performance the company needed to launch their new product and meet the SLA. The project was a huge success!