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At Soaring Eagle, our #1 goal is to become a trusted IT advisor to our prospects and clients. Because of this, we never sell a product or service we aren’t 100% confident that we can deliver on and exceed expectations. To ensure this happens, we’ve developed a sales process focused on the needs and challenges of the client instead of simply a slide deck of services.

It’s important to note, that all of our partners own the relationship with their clients.

Our Sales Process

Outlined below is a step-by-step description of how our partners approach a new prospect about Soaring Eagle services. Always keep in mind, we are only a phone call away. If you need help at any stage, we’re more than happy to oblige.

Understand the Client’s Needs

  • Reach out to the Soaring Eagle team to identify times we are free to do a Discovery Call with you and the prospect.
  • Schedule a Discovery Call with all parties to learn or validate the client’s pain points.
  • If the prospect’s needs are deeper than basic performance and tuning (P&T), schedule a follow up
  • technical call with SEC’s tech team.
  • Identify with support from the SEC team if database consulting or the SEC Health Check is the best solution to solve the client’s immediate pain points.

Closing the Deal

  • From these calls, the Soaring Eagle team will create a Statement of Work for your client.
  • Upon the client approving and signing the SOW, contact our team to schedule the engagement.

Post-Consulting Upsell Opportunities

  • While the consultant is working with your client, he or she will set you up to follow up to discuss options for remote database management services.
  • Once our team completes the consulting gig or Health Check, your SEC partner representative will reach out to you to confirm the engagement is complete. On this call, you will discuss upsell options.
  • If an opportunity is determined that the client is a candidate for remote database management services, we will create a proposal and send it to you for review, markup and approval before presenting it to the client.
  • With your approval, we will present this on your behalf to the client to close the deal.

Listen for Common Pain Points

Our best customers often have similar problems and pain points. They talk about database performance and slow applications. We’ve compiled a list of common sound bites to listen for that often means your customer needs our help.

  • “We aren’t sure where the performance problem is.”
  • “We bought faster hardware, but our performance didn’t improve.”
  • “We are about to double (or tripple) our transation volume in the next (insert timeline)”
  • “Our applications are so slow.”
  • “It takes my team way too long to run reports.”
  • “We are having a lot of lock and blocking issues.”
  • “Our system runs okay, except certain transactions that run at snail speed.”
  • “We’re running into database compliance issues due to our out-of-service Database software.”
  • “Our team is planning to upgrade (or migrate) our databases.”
  • “We have backup problems.”

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