End Of Support preparation for SQL Server & Windows Server 2008

End Of Life MS SQL Windows Server

End of support is coming for two commonly deployed server products: SQL Server and Windows Server 2008. Now is the perfect time to upgrade, modernize, and transform to current versions of SQL Server and Windows Server for more protection, better performance, and innovation.

What Does The End Of Support Mean?

End of support means the end of security updates, which can cause security and compliance issues and put applications and businesses at risk.

Without security updates, you may fail to comply with standards and regulations that can seriously hamper your capability to:

  • Protect against hackers, malware with root access to machines, and man-in-the-middle scenarios
  • Securely purge for customer data, leaving it vulnerable to access by outside parties
  • Use E2E data protection across SQL Server and frequently used together services

New Alternatives

There are new options available to help you upgrade and adopt the technologies you need to carry your organization into the future. If you require additional time to manage the transition, get three years of Extended Security Updates to keep your workloads protected beyond the deadline.

Migrate to Azure With Free Security Updates

Upgrade On-premises And Stay Protected

  • Upgrade to SQL Server 2017 for greater security, performance, availability, and innovation with cloud analytics
  • For continued protection beyond the deadline, buy up to three years of Extended Security Updates—cover only the workloads you need while you upgrade

Why Should You Plan Your Migration And Upgrade Strategy Today?

The first reason not to wait is security. Once the end of support hits, security updates end, which means companies will be on their own in a threat landscape that’s more critical than ever.

Security breaches occur every day. If it happens to you, how would explain that you were running unsupported software and that it might have led to a security breach?

The second consideration is compliance. Running software that does not meet security updates can break compliance requirements. Your business needs a plan that includes continuous critical security updates.

The third reason to take action is good news. End of support is a chance to innovate. Newer versions support app innovation such as Windows Server Containers, or you could consider migrating apps and data to Azure for even more innovation with cloud services.

You have plenty of options to pick from. The only wrong choice for your organization to make is not making a decision at all.

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