Project Leadership 101

Project Leadership 101

Penny Garbus, President Soaring Eagle

A good project leader knows the software that they need to use for managing project TEAMS, including MICROSOFT PROJECTS, AZURE DEV OPS, Trello, Slack to name a few tools. However, a FABULOUS Project Leader COMMUNICATES upward and outward. Everyone in the chain that has a stake hold in the project should receive updates about the project, set expectations for completion, share hurdles, keep the communication flowing so that everyone has what they need to do their job. In my mind this is 101. If you don’t have this skill, if you don’t like dealing with human interaction, calling people, sharing ideas, one on one and with the team, perhaps you should choose a different role for yourself. If you don’t like documentation and following the trail until you have all the data gathering that you need, then you will not be a FABULOUS Project leader.

Some of the best house project managers I have worked with in purchasing over 20 homes in my life, were run by people who knew the steps to build a house, knew who needed to be contracted when, and studied the steps and kept the project in line but did not know a jack hammer from a drill. They don’t need to know how to use the tools, they just need to know what tools you need and to provide them at the right time.

To be continued in Project Leadership 102