Project Leadership 102

Project Leadership 102

Penny Garbus, President Soaring Eagle

Continued from Project Leadership 101

A solid project leader is great at motivating the team. This person’s human quality must be energy, dedication and excitement for the project, because if the leader thinks the project has no importance or value to the entity then the rest of the team will share those feelings. 

The project lead should not miss meetings, should be the first to attend, should start the meeting on time, and be the last to drop off. Showing that they are dedicated to the mission encourages respect and enthusiasm throughout the team. Otherwise you get a team that is lackadaisical, poorly managed, and they don’t care about deadlines.

Every project needs to have a great timeline, small goals that create a path to the final result aspirations. It is important to share the input, expectations and excitement from the User Community, management team and quality assurance members. This helps promote the final acceptance from everyone involved in the product, and allows the development team to feel that excitement, and know that their work is worthwhile.

In the end a solid project leader helps motivate through knowledge transfer, enthusiasm for the mission and respect for the team’s time. If you are a project manager show up for meetings, be well prepared, and be able to motivate through example and through firm goals and expectation setting. If you are determined to complete the project on time so will your team.