Database Optimization Resources

database optimization resources

If you’re evaluating how to best manage, maintain and optimize your databases, the search can feel overwhelming. Don’t fret! We’ve created this resource section to help. Here you’ll find articles, blog chapters and links to other websites that can help you make the best and most informed decision possible for your company. If you have any questions or suggestions for information that should be included on this page, contact us today!

White Papers

Soaring Eagle White Papers

Each of our Guru DBAs have decades of experience. Below are a selection of informative white papers from a number of talented DBAs on a variety of subjects.

Database Administration Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Perfect DBA

Database administrators (especially competent ones) can be difficult to find, validate, and hire, as they are rare and in high demand. This article discusses finding, scoping, and acquiring your new DBA.

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Database Implementation Consultants

How to Implement New Database Solutions

Our founder, Jeff Garbus, was interviewed by TMT News to discuss how to successfully implement new database solutions in order to improve efficiency, increase application user satisfaction and decrease costs.

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Database Admin Protection from Ransomware Consultants

Protect Your Data from Ransomware

Ransomware can quickly cripple a business and the problem appears to be growing more and more. Learn our top tips on how to keep your company’s data safe and secure from ransomware.

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Microsoft Transact-SQL: The Definitive Guide

The Secret to Why Other People’s Code Stinks

Have you ever changed accountants? The first thing your new accountant will do is explain how stupid and costly your previous accountant was, and how much they are now going to save you. Code reviews often feel like that. Discover why in an excerpt from our founder, Jeff Garbus’, book, Transact SQL.

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Executive Overview Database AdministrationDatabase Performance for Executives

It’s easy to assume that database performance issues are a result of poor or bad hardware solutions, but this can be a costly mistake for executives. In this article, you’ll learn more about what you need to keep an eye out for when you are having database performance issues — before you make an expensive mistake.

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Mining New Gold - Managing Your Business Database data

Get a Sneak Peek of Our Latest Book on Managing Your Business Data

The U.S. government stated that they have protected us from more than 4,000 ransomware attacks every day since the start of 2016. Most attacks are on the financial, medical and retail business sectors and are usually under $1,000 — and most companies pay it. Discover the best way to protect yourself in this excerpt from our newest book, Mining New Gold – Managing Your Business Data.

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Free Database Checklist for Business OwnersWant Your Database to Soar Like an Eagle?

Getting your database to perform at its best can be tough. We get it. That’s why we created the ultimate database checklist for business owners. This invaluable tool will help you check on your database’s performance and maintenance.

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With new cyber threats coming out everyday, it’s vital to stay informed. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency publishes a regularly updated Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog which can be found here.