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At Soaring Eagle, we love to create webinars that are helpful to database experts and business owners. Whenever we have an upcoming online lecture, you’ll find information on this page.

Webinar: Performance and Tuning for Developers

Soaring Eagle Data Solutions presents “Advanced SQL Optimization for Adaptive Server,” this course is directed to application developers,SQL Server developers and Systems Administrators who write queries and stored procedures to be used within applications.
This course does not over optimizing the SQL Server configuration options and physical database design.

Key Benefits:
When you complete this course you learn how to write efficient SQL Statements, Understand When to Reorganize a Query.
You will be able to Recognize Performance Issues and understand how stored procedures function.


Recommended: ” Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server” a knowledge of SQL Syntax, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. We also recommend at least 2 years of hands on T-SQL but that is not mandatory.

Please allow time from 9am-5pm each day for classes.
Each Day will provide time for a lunch break at Noon as well as other breaks.

Register today! October 3rd – 7th 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

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