Who Are You Anyway?


There is a lot of phishing for your information going on in the world. There are email campaigns, Facebook, and LinkedIn Campaigns going right now. Some are very sophisticated. They will post a job position on the LinkedIn Board, invite you to a meeting through something like Google Hangouts, and perform an “Interview” through the meeting media. They will use emails and names that you cannot locate again. They will use fake persona and fake company names. They will encourage you to enter a lot of your information.

PLEASE FACT CHECK BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR A JOB and share your information.

If you see a job posting, make sure it is associated with a legitimate company and that the names MATCH.

Go to Google and search on the company name see if that matches the job description.

  • Google the hiring person’s name
  • Call the company and ask if they are hiring
  • Ask if the person that contacted you works for the company
  • Make sure all email correspondence matches the company name
  • Make sure you know who you are meeting with.
  • Make sure you have been introduced to all parties on a call, or in an online meeting.
  • Do not do anything that is odd for a job interview.
  • Do not share, SSN, complete personal address, with the interviewer until you are certain
  • Use an alternative email address if you can for the job hiring process
  • Look at your resume to make sure you are not sharing this information

It is so hard right now because people really need jobs. Trust your instincts, trust yourself and be careful.

If the employer is solid, they will understand your questions and concerns.