Why Are Your Systems Running So Slowly?

Why Are Your Systems Running So Slowly

How wonderful it is to purchase new computers and have everything pop up immediately, isn’t it? But then work gets in the way, and the more documents you save and the more programs you install, your system starts to stall. Sometimes, it’s just a little bit obnoxious; but other times, it’s slow enough to make you want to scream. You have work to get done. What’s going on with this computer?

Before you start thinking that it’s just a matter of having too many programs running at the same time, take some stock of the last time that you updated software and did a systems performance auditing. Anyone?

If you can’t answer that question with absolute certainty, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and make sure that your cybersecurity hasn’t been compromised. Because regardless of how successful your business is, if you don’t have adequate security, you could lose it all in a heartbeat (whether through hacking or through lawsuits).

What could be causing the slowdown?

Malware is not always the reason for a slower computer. They could indeed have a full memory or hardware corruption; but you should still rule out the possibility of your system being infected with a virus or Spyware.

How can you protect your business?

You should make it a priority to conduct regular audits of your security systems. Do check-ups that go beyond a regular anti-virus scan. Work with your managed security services (MSS) provider to get this done at specific intervals of time. Back up everything. We can’t say this enough. Back up your work, back up your work, and back up your work. [Stop reading this right now to go back up your work].

What happens once the audit is done?

Once the audit is completed, you’ll have to study a hefty amount of data to determine what’s working properly and what needs improvements. The whole task can be overwhelming if you either don’t have the time or the required IT knowledge. This is why you need us. At Soaring Eagle Database Consulting, we’ll conduct the audit, read the reports, and fix what needs to be fixed. We’ll even foresee possible vulnerabilities and fix those too.

Let us take this burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on running your business. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can protect your business.